Tashtego Travel Kit

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Tashtego is the ultimate solution to the long-suffering Dopp kit. Inspired by the neat and organized design of tool rolls, Tashtego is a clean, sanitary, minimalist way to organize and store all your travel essentials.  

Say goodbye to hair in toothbrushes and exploded shampoo over your razor. With Tashtego, all your brushes, razors, and bottles are securely separated from each other and easy to find.

Roll up all your personal care tools in a neat, organized, easily displayable kit. Never search for your toiletries again!


  • Length - 23"
  • Width - 10"
  • Rolled - 10" x 3"

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Tyler C.
United States of America United States of America

Highly functional and well-made. I look forward to using this for many years!

Davis L.
United States of America United States of America
Keeps getting better

So far, I have had the first version and this version of Tashtego. If you travel often, this bag is awesome. All of your toiletries have a space, and just keep things organized. I also use one to keep electronics peripherals organized. It has so many pockets, it is easy to keep all those cords, power bricks, and docking stations organized!

Holly M.
United States of America United States of America
Love my Tash Tango

I use mine for small garden tools and other outdoor implements. My son and son-in-law love theirs for travel (that is when travel was a thing). Tash tango is rugged,cool and functional. What’s not to like?

A tashtego Customer
Tommy L.
United States of America United States of America
Best men’s toiletries kit

Tashtego is a major upgrade from those clunky bags that you throw toiletries into. It keeps my items neatly organized, and I know exactly where to reach for what I’m looking for. It’s small enough to fit in a back-pack or carry-on. I take it everywhere I travel — road trips, weekenders, Airbnbs, Burning Man, Europe... It’s Tashtego for me from here on out!

Alex w.
United States of America United States of America
Hard use traveler

I love my Tashtego. I use one for toiletries and another for socket adaptors a s other small tools on the job...you know the kind that always roll off and get dropped on the mud. Now I don’t lose em- and they are portable, and organized. Plus the rash drys put in my work truck so less rust!  The build quality- excellent, normally if I touch it- it’s gonna break fast. It’s not that I don’t take care of it, but I don’t baby things. It’s a tool and it’s made to use. Ease of use- fairly straightforward and logically designed. Took me a bit to find small stuff for the little pockets but once I stepped into an office setting for work I quickly realized the need to moisturize, stay clean shaven, and all the papered stuff. So now it’s full of chapstick and shaving accessories. Speaking of, it really is handy to get a emergency call and have to pack in a hurry, I keep everything I need in this and it’s just “roll and go” when I head out of town- gone are the days of forgotten toothbrushes and missing razors. Their motto should be -grab-roll-and good-to-go.  Best toiletries bag you can get- and decent small tool roll as well. 5/5

tashtego Tashtego Travel Kit Reviewtashtego Tashtego Travel Kit Review