Intended usage


1 inch


Skinnier handles fit better.

3.25  Inches

Stick deodorant

Most stick deodorants are about 2.75 inches wide and 1 inch deep. This pocket can accommodate all of these and even 3 inch sticks if needed.

1 ⅜ inches


Designed for Gillette Mach 3 or Harry’s slim handles

1 ¾ inches

Travel toothpaste

There is an X at the bottom of this pocket to make sure the toothpaste does not go too far down and become hard-to-reach.

1 ⅝ inches

Comb or hairbrush

Can accommodate a hair brush with a fairly wide handle or a comb

2 ⅞ inches


Designed originally for 4 oz Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin  but can accommodate smaller bottles.  This could likely accommodate a Sonicare or other battery-powered toothbrush.

2 inches

Aerosol can shaving cream

Design for a travel sized Gillette aerosol foam can. Can also fit tube creams.

2 ¼ inches

Plastic razor blade holder

Designed for Gillette Mach 3 but most seem to fit

2 ¼ inches

Dental floss

Designed for the large white containers but medium and small fit quite well.

2 ⅕ inches wide by 8 inches tall

Zipper pocket-anything you want

Designed to hold anything that might explode during a trip or small things that don’t fit anywhere else (contacts, nail clippers, etc).

2  inches wide and  2 ½  inches tall

Anything you want

We added this pocket on a whim and liked it. It’s not designed for anything in particular.