Inspired by the elegant simplicity of rolls for wrenches and woodworking tools, the Tashtego Travel Kit was created by an innovator who simply wanted a better way to organize his toiletries.

Parker Thomas started out making a tool roll for just himself. No more shampoo explosions, no more misplaced contact lense cases, and no more forgotten razors. It was a bonus that he could either hang the travel kit up or lay it flat on its back, all without having his personal items touch a hotel bathroom sink or the ground while outdoors.

On seeing Parker’s new-found toiletry freedom, a few friends asked for one, followed by yet a few more. So he decided to start a Kickstarter campaign, which reached its goal in just ten days, raising a total of $57,000.

And this is the point in our journey where you’ve joined us today.

If you’re looking for a tool roll for your toiletries, or any other purpose, such as for storing makeup, art supplies, knives, or anything else you dream up, stay tuned. Our vision is to make a tool roll for every need.

Thanks for joining us.

The Tashtego Team


The Tashtego Travel Kit from Filmtwist on Vimeo.


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