Tashtego Travel Kit - Almost Perfect

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This is an ALMOST PERFECT Tashtego (and the only ones we have left).  If a few extra stitches or holes here or there don't bother you, this is a chance to get a fully functional Travel Kit at a steep discount. We have Orange, Olive and Black left.  Indicate your color preference in the comments when you order but please understand we will send what we have in stock as colors run out.

Rugged enough to travel alongside you outdoors, but elegant enough that you won’t be mistaken for a caveperson, the Tashtego Travel Kit is the first innovation in Dopp kits since, well, that guy named Dopp.  It’s a tool roll for your toiletries.

Here’s how it works:

1. Put stuff in the pockets.

2. Fold the flap down.

3. Roll it up, and fasten its handy leather belt.

4. Get to where you’re going, unroll, and your toiletries are exactly where you put them.


Durability: Made from #10 Canvas treated with a commercial water repellent, the Tashtego Travel Kit is a rugged and waterproof product that will last a lifetime, yet still feel soft to the touch. It’s the same fabric used by L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, and others major outdoor apparel brands. The belt is real leather from the Hide House in Napa, CA.

Flexibility: You can arrange your toiletries according to your specific needs. Parker’s personal set-up from left to right is: Toothbrush, stick deodorant, razor, travel toothpaste, comb or hairbrush, lotion or sunscreen, travel size shaving cream can, razor blade holder, and dental floss. And finally, there's a super-convenient zipper pocket to carry any other small items you need, like a contact lens case or travel sewing kit. The roll is designed for travel size items that will fit under the TSA 100 milliliter requirements, making it a breeze to get through security. For the exact measurements of each pocket, check out the FAQ section.

Versatility: Each roll comes with a convenient carabiner to hang on anything up to a 1 inch diameter. The carabiner goes through the grommet in the top right corner of the fold down flap. This lets the roll hang diagonally. You can also simply lay the roll down on a surface, safe in the knowledge that your personal items never need need to touch a dirty bathroom sink or the ground while you’re outdoors.